Peregrine Farm Stall


Country Pleasures

The farm stall showcases a variety of locally farmed and produced goods, from artisanal foods, fynbos honey to fresh cold-pressed juices and champagne style apple cider.

The aroma of Peregrine’s variety of freshly baked goods fills the air and teases the senses.

The wine shop stocks all the region’s top wines and ciders, as well as a growing selection of craft beer.

peregrine pies

Nothing beats a freshly baked Peregrine pie straight from the baking tray or our frozen family pies to place in your oven


The aroma of freshly baked goods fills the farm stall every day.
From Ciabatta and Oumabrood to Mosbolletjies

fruit & veg

Seasonal fresh fruit of the highest quality is available daily, either loose or in boxes. Enjoy the earthly riches of the Elgin Valley

baked treats

Weekend tea and coffee without the freshest rusks or biscuits baked to perfection isn't on our cards

wine & craft

Elgin Valley provides the optimum environment for cool climate wines and craft ciders.


Looking for a fresh Ciabatta for your Saturday lunch or an Oumabrood for the breakfast table?

Peregrine produces some of the finest small-batch breads this side of Sir Lowry’s Pass, with many a loyal customer making the picturesque journey to stock-up.

Our Bagels, Cheesesticks, Foccacias and Mossboletjies are firm favorites too.

Timeless recipes

Rye Bread, Wholewheat Bread, Oumabrood, Raisin Bread, Banana Bread, Mosbolletjies, Ciabatta, Sourdough, Foccacia, Breadsticks, Hamburger Buns, Bread Rolls, Pretzels and more

freshness guaranteed with peregrine bread


With multiple daily batches released from our bakery, you can be assured of freshness with every purchase.

a full selection of artisinal bread


Enjoy a varied selection of freshly baked artisinal bread throughout the day