Peregrine Farm Stall

Part of the journey since 1964

Trusted, wholesome artisinal country fare

Our History

Established in the sixties, Peregrine has been serving generations of travellers seeking honest homemade fare and warm country hospitality.

Situated in the beautiful and fertile Elgin Valley, Peregrine offers an abundance of locally sourced artisanal goods and wholesome, responsibly farmed, fresh produce.

Many of our customers wonder where our name comes from. We love the fact that to “peregrinate” means to travel, seeing as we have been part of your journey since 1964.

One’s first association is usually with the Peregrine falcon.

Our little roadside stop was, however, named after a heritage peach. A salvaged newspaper clipping from the 60’s confirms this with the words:

For local fresh produce, Peregrine is a peach

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